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Thread: Surprising Benefits of Co-sleeping

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    Surprising Benefits of Co-sleeping

    I just completed an argumentative essay for a final in one of my courses, and we had to make an argument on a topic related to sleep. I choose co-sleeping, as it is something that I have a personal connection with. I did a lot of research prior to finishing my paper, and I was quite happy with how it turned out. I found that most paediatricians and health officials simply tell parents not to co-sleep ever, and never explain any of the benefits or risks. My thesis for the paper was that parents should be educated on both the benefits and the risks, so they can make an informed decision that will help the whole family receive a better night's rest. One of the main points I found that argues against co-sleeping was that it can increase the risk of SIDS. However, the studies I found actually showed a decrease in the SIDS risk. I also read studies that stated that women who co-sleep report that they enjoy the sleep they receive better than those who do not, and they are also more in tune with their babies. It was very fascinating to learn so much about how beneficial co-sleeping truly is. I think this article on getting a good night's sleep is very detailed and explained the benefits wonderfully.

    Is there anything you have learned about co-sleeping that surprised you? I was surprised to learn that Co2 levels can become increased to non-lethal levels that actually encourage the baby to breathe better, which can decrease the risk for SIDS.
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    The thing that surprises me is the approach of some health professionals who are vehemently opposed to co-sleeping. I am with you Jessica parents should be offered the advantages and disadvantages to baby's sleep place. A one size fits all approach does not work and can be harmful.
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