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    Baby wearing and back pain


    I have an organic bamboo cotton wrap carrier. What is the best way to carry my son as he gets heavier (he is only 2 months old right now) to help reduce back pain? I also have an Ergo carrier.


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    I think back carries are best for bigger babes and less painful for mum, but I've never had an easy time using the wrap on my back. Side carrying with the wrap can also be good for heavier babes.

    As for the Ergo, I LOVE mine and use it all the time on both my one-year-old and two-year-old. I use the back carry most often and I do not have much back pain, even after long walks.

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    Hi BraedensMum,

    Sorry to hear you've been getting back pain. This shouldn't be happening with a correctly worn baby carrier. Did you have any back pain before you started baby wearing? After pregnancy and birth your body needs to recover from the extra strain put upon it, particularly the back. Is the back pain been present since your son was born? If so, you might want to check it with your doctor.

    I'm also wondering if your baby is positioned high enough? His main weight should be above your belly button.

    I used a soft carry wrap (the Kari Me) with my son from 0-12 months which was very comfortable. We now use a Mei Tai: he is nearly 15 months and it is still comfy. I do find my one shoulder ring sling less comfortable though as it does not distribute the weight as well.

    Best wishes,


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    I agree with the above comments. Your baby should definitely be seated up higher and not hanging down too low. I have never used a wrap, but I did have a wrap style carrier that was never very comfortable for me. I prefer ring slings for short trips, or carriers with supportive straps, such as mei tais and soft structured carriers for longer trips.

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    As you discuss this with other parents, there are a number of benefits to babywearing that you can share. One of the key benefits of using a front baby carrier is that it helps strengthen the infant-parent bond. But i agree it can cause back pain.

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    The question is why are you getting the pain? Are you carrying your child for a prolonged period?
    If the pain comes on quickly then you probably shouldn't be doing this until you have been seen by an osteopath. Especially post caesarian and childbirth it takes time for your spine to recover and strengthen up again so please be careful.

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