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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    You are very welcome Sherryl. I'll look forward to reading your other posts.

    Take care,

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    Hi! My name is Akima and I'm currently pregnant for my third baby and my first baby boy. I'm looking forward in this forum. Although Im on my third I still have a lot to learn and lots of questions to ask.
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    Hi Akima,

    Welcome! It is great to have you join us here on the forum.

    I think we always have a lot to learn no matter which pregnancy we are on!

    I look forward to sharing pregnancy, birth and parenting stories with you here on the forum.
    Warm wishes,

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    Thanks For the warn welcome.

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    Glad to be here.

    Hi, I'm Novelyn. I'm a mother of a 9 months old baby.

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    Hi Novelyn - it's great to have you join us on here!

    I have two boys - aged 12 months and 2 and 10 months.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

    Warm wishes,

    p.s. I have reposted some of your questions in the 'introducing solids' and 'gentle parenting' sections of the forum and I look forward to replying to them there.
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    Hello everyone!

    I am Jean, I am happily married with three kids (my 3 years old daughter and two step sons). I am 22, and as a first time Mum, raising three kids all at the same time is obviously new to me even with my husband's support.

    I feel very lucky to have found this forum because I am sure that I will learn a lot of things particularly first-hand experiences from other Mums like me.

    I can't wait to start reading these helpful posts. Cheers and thank you in advance ladies! :-)

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    Hi Jean,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm pleased that you have joined us here.

    I look forward to reading about your experiences and also helping to support you.

    Warm wishes,

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    hi to everybody! I am a mum of two sweet children.The first baby was born due to IV F. So, I am experienced in this theme. The second baby was born 4 months ago. And, unfortunately, now I had to go back to the work.

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    Hello LJ! I'm glad to be here. Many thanks

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    Hello MumOf2Boyz,

    Welcome to the forums! How wonderful that you were able to conceive your first child with IVF (I imagine you struggled for a time to conceive) and it's even more exciting that you were able to conceive naturally with your second!

    I'm sorry you've had to go back to work, as this can be hard on mum and bub. We are here to support you and encourage you as you raise your little ones. Again, welcome and we look forward to getting to know you.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hello to all

    Hi, my name is Dee. I am a first time mum to a 5 month old baby girl. I am still on maternity leave and trying to make the most of it! I'm looking forward to getting advice on baby-related questions that I haven't been able to figure out

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    Hi Dee,

    Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on becoming a mummy! That's great that you can enjoy time with your daughter on maternity leave.

    I will look forward to reading your posts.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thanks for the warm welcome LJ!

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    Hi all,

    My name Adinda, mother of one cute daughter, she's almost 2 years now. I hope I can gain lot of information about parenting in here. Sure need many helpful information for my girl

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