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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Hi, I am a mum of 3 little ones ages 2, 3, and 7. I have 3 sweet bubs that are my world but sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out!
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    Hello everyone!
    New mum here of a 1 year old (turning 2 in August!). She's an angel and I want to be the best mum I can be hence I signed up to this forum! It's good to know I am not alone.

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    Hi I'm Gelizaire, a mother of one and my baby is 5 months old.I gave birth last September 7,2013 at age of 18 years old. I'm a young mum and trying to know more about parenting. I'm very glad to be here i know i will learn and i can share lot of things.Thank you
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    A warm welcome to our newest forum members angel0284, gabsmum and gelizaire.

    It's fabulous to have you all join us here. I am LJ and I have two boys aged 15 months and 3 - it's fun and hard but I wouldn't change it for the world. We follow a gentle approach to parenting in our family.

    I look forward to reading your posts and sharing experiences on here.

    Warm wishes,

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    Student Midwife at Gold Coast Hospital

    Hi Ladies

    My name is Jess and I'm a Student Midwife at Griffith University. I am looking for pregnant women to follow and support throughout their pregnancy, labour and birth and postnatal care at the Gold Coast Hospital.

    As your student midwife I will aim to attend 2-5 of your antenatal appointments, I will be there to support you during labour and birth and I will attend your postnatal appointments after your baby is born.

    If you’re a mum-to-be who is interested, or would like to know what having a student midwife means please feel free to respond!

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    Welcome to our forum Jess and thanks for your post. I hope you find some ladies who you can work alongside and support throughout this special time.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hi all, I am a proactive young lady looking for all the necessary information before welcoming my little angel into this world. I look forward to learning all there is about conception, pregnancy and childcare. I am so happy that this forum exists. I look forward to sharing with the mums and expecting mums here and gaining a wider variety of knowledge.

    warm regards

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    Hi. I'm new to online forum stuff, don't really know what I'm doing but hoping to get some good advice for the biggest decision of my life!

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    Hi tabitha,

    Welcome to the forum and I hope you find the experience and resources on our forum useful.

    Best wishes,

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    Red face Momentous Beginning of Life

    Hello everyone,
    I recently conceived and planning for my first Doctor visit. These days I am feeling wonderful, full of positivity but little confused . I have so many doubts and like every other Mum, I would like to do best of everything at this stage...
    Happy to be here and to share and learn from you all...

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    Hello nid85,

    A huge congratulations to you on your pregnancy!

    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum. You are at the start of an incredible journey - it will change you forever and it will be challenging but it will be the most beautiful journey you have ever been on. It's ok to have lots of questions and to feel unsure at times - we are here to help to support you and to share our experiences and resources with you.

    Wishing you all the very best,

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    Hello! My name is Andrea and I am brand new here. I am currently pregnant with my first! My husband and I have been together for a long time (10 years in a few months) and are very excited to be starting a family. I am 9 weeks tomorrow. I am currently having all sorts of different symptoms and have a ton of questions! I am hoping to find out a lot of tips and answers.

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    Hello Andrea,

    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I look forward to reading your posts and helping to support you and your husband.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you I am happy to be here

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    Just gave birth


    My name is Jay and I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I am very excited to meeting a lot of mums and aspiring mums here. I'd love learning more about breastfeeding and parenting as start of this journey.

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