With my third and fourth child I regularly consumed red raspberry leaf tea during my third trimester. It was also one of the supplements in the prenatal vitamins that I took during my pregnancy with baby four. I had a big cup of it right after my water broke with baby four (I did not have contractions prior). I kept waiting for contractions, finally asking to be checked to find out if I had made any progress after a significant number of hours had passed. When I asked to be checked I was a stretchy 6 CM. I was 8 CM dilated before I ever felt a single contraction and from that point on my labor lasted about thirty minutes. This was far different from my three previous labors, wherein my contractions began to intensify very early on and I had average length labors.

I have read that many women have experienced very easy labors after having indulged in a very hot, strong infusion of RRL in early labor. Anyone else have experience with this?