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    Are there possible side effects for taking all vaccinations?

    Hi everyone!

    Hopefully,all are enjoying their weekends!

    I am a mother of now one-year old daughter. Being that mum, who wishes her daughter to be all protected, I am always agreeable to what my paediatrician says. So far, we have completed all the vaccinations required. I am concerned though, if my baby needs all vaccinations from birth one to year two? Are there any side effects for taking all of the vaccinations?

    Any response will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Hi Angelica,

    Hi have chosen not to vaccinate my children (as a rule) though there have been a couple of times when we decided to give an individual vaccination to two of the children. The other three children have had no vaccines.

    Vaccine reactions can vary from something as mild as a little redness at the injection site or a very low fever, to something as serious as paralysis, seizures, autism (which is becoming more and more prevalent) and even death.

    There are some very good threads in the Vaccine Forum on this site (where you posted your question) so be sure to read as much as you can.

    A couple of really good sites that offer lots of good information on over-vaccination and vaccine reactions are:

    National Vaccination Information Center

    World Association for Vaccination Education

    Please do your research and make sure that you understand the risks associated with each and every vaccine you choose to give your child. Doctors make recommendations, but ultimately you can choose which vaccines, in the future to give your child.

    Vaccines do not automatically create immunity - they are not 100% effective. This is something that many people don't realize. Just because you give a vaccine doesn't mean that the child builds an immunity to the disease.

    And if you do give your child more vaccines, be sure you're doing it at the right time for YOUR child (not necessarily on your doctor's schedule).

    I have a dear friend who has 6 children. Her oldest child has had seizures from the time she was 3, and she's now 14, cannot speak, walk or eat. Her youngest has a food assimilation disorder. The family is trying to find the causes of both of these diseases in her children. I just sent her a note asking if her children had been vaccinated, as your question and my further research prompted the thought that vaccine could, indeed, be responsible for one or both of her children being so very sick.

    There's a book on this site called "Well Adjusted Babies" which focuses on holistic care for a child. Boosting a child's immune system naturally is very important.

    Please post back with any questions you may have. We're here to help.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate!

    Thank you for your response, it's highly appreciated. I feel so sorry for Eric. I never thought that vaccines have serious ill side effects. It's terribly sad that this had happen. It had been twelve months since my baby has been taking her vaccinations. Aside from the fever that she gets after the vaccine shots, we have not seen any other seizures or severe side effects. But is it possible that there will be ill effects, which could mature and be visible in the future? You have mentioned that there is a "natural" way of boosting the child's immune system. If you would please specify that further for me?

    Thanks and regards,

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    Hi Angelica,

    Mothering is a journey, and we learn new things every day. You have learned something new about vaccines - something that is not discussed between parents and doctors.

    Naturally boosting a child's immune system involves limiting sugar (or no sugar at all), eating whole foods in their natural state, as much as possible. Things like avocado, fresh or steamed vegetables and fruits, broiled fish or meat and whole grains rather than white, refined rice, pasta, etc. There are different things you can do, depending upon how old your child is. You can give vitamin C or Elderberry syrup or you can give probiotics like acidophilus. We can even buy colostrum now, and this is very good for the immune system too.

    Here's a good thread that talks about when you should vaccinate your child and how you can reduce the risks of vaccine induced reactions if you choose to vaccinate.

    The more information you have, the better, and you are to be commended for asking the hard questions and educating yourself so that you can make the best decision for your children.

    Warm regards,


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    I've always thought vaccines were the best for my children but now I'm starting to think twice. Thank you for sharing this information, I'll have a look at the links and learn more.


    - jersey1210

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