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    My baby bumps his head a lot

    I have a 11-month old baby boy. He is very active and therefore hit his head quite a lot, around 5 or 10 times a day. I really do try to keep an eye on him, but like I said, he's very active.

    Should I be worry? I mean how many is too many before I go consult a doctor about it?

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    Little babies tend to bump their head a lot, take it from a mum of four. How are these bumps occurring? From simply toddling about or from falling off the bed, out of the highchair, etc? Small tumbles, and even the occasional big fall are fairly common and rarely anything to be concerned about. Those little noggins are made out of tougher stuff than you would imagine.

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    Well, usually it happens when he's playing. Big fall happened once or twice. Usually when he crawled down from the chair or something.
    I couldn't be more than glad. My mom told me that I overreacted too. But I couldn't help not to worry
    New mom and everthing.

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    Hi there,

    I too has the same problem, my son is turning 11 months now and yes, he bumps his head a few times when playing. Should I have his head check?

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    As mom2many mentioned, bumps on the head are very common at 11 months of age, especially because babies are starting to work on trying to balance on 2 legs.

    I keep a homeopathic remedy on hand called Arnica Montana. Arnica is excellent for reducing bruising, reducing swelling and reducing pain. It's one of the best known homeopathic remedies. You can get them in little sugar pellets that you can put in your child's mouth and they just suck on them (they love them). You can use it anytime baby gets a bump (or for yourself, anytime you get a bump or sprain your ankle, etc.) and you can keep giving it to them until they feel better. Arnica comes in pellet form, oral spray, cream and ointment forms.

    You can always call your doctor if you are concerned about a big fall or bump, but for the normal little ones applying ice and giving arnica can be very effective. Even if you can't apply ice or give arnica, little tumbles are very normal for toddlers.

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    Thanks for this information Kate. I have used Arnica in a cream form before and found it to be excellent but I didn't know you could get them in sugar pellets for kids to take.

    With a two and a half year old and an 8th month old (who likes to crawl fast and pull himself up on furniture) we have a fair few bumps and knocks in our house. Thankfully, they have all been minor bumps - my kids have not cried for long afterwards. I would be concerned (and seek urgent medical attention) if my child seemed sleepy after a bump to the head or was unusually quiet after this had occurred.

    Best wishes,


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