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    Vaginal trauma yikes!

    I am 5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I tore with both of my first two. The first was pretty bad, sorry I hope this isn't TMI. The second, my daughter, I tore UPWARDS. And pretty much shredded everything. This has caused me to have SEVERE anxiety for this upcoming birth. Any help or uplifting words would be wonderful. Thank you!

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    Im so sorry that you have had tearing during your deliveries. I can imagine the anxiety that this is causing too.

    Here is a article on things to do to prevent tearing during delivery.

    Id also like to encourage you to seek out a midwife for your prenatal care as well as delivery.
    A midwife will offer ways to move about during labor to bring your baby down safely and help reduce tearing through positioning.
    A well trained midwife will educate you about the whole process.
    You will feel lots of love and support from her.

    Please let us know if we can help you out in any way.

    Much love

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    Dear Rain_Girl,

    I see you have had some helpful advice from sunnymumof5 above.

    I would strongly recommend you read this article on our main Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond site: Perfecting the Perineum.

    Did you try perineum massage during your third trimester in your last pregnancies? This can help to prevent tearing. The same is true of pelvic floor muscles and learning to control the pelvic floor muscles better.

    Giving birth on all fours has been shown to reduce the chance of tearing. Another factor which helps women not to tear is if they follow their own urge to push rather than being told when to push. What were the pushing stages like for you during your last labours?

    Warm wishes,

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