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    I am mother of 2 kids. My younger daughter who is 1 year old is a fussy eater. Now, she is 17.37 pounds. She is not gaining weight. But then ,she is very active. She had started walking before her first birthday. She has also started saying few words . What should i do in this situation? Am i worrying unnecessarily? Or is there a need for medical assistance?

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    Children develop on their own individual timelines. If your child is hitting all other developmental markers on time, as it seems she is, then I would not be that concerned about her weight. Also, many children are fussy eaters at this age, as they are beginning to assert their independence and simultaneously becoming preoccupied with exploring the surrounding world with their increased mobility. This is a normal phase which will eventually pass over.

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    Hi Mom2many,

    I was really getting very much concerned about her weight. Thanks for the advice.

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