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    Menstrual Cycles


    How much time does it usually take for the menstrual cycles to reoccur after delivery? Does breast feeding have any role in delaying it ? For how many months should we wait, before we seek medical assistance for this? Are there chances for getting pregnant during this period?

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    It is highly unlikely that you would become pregnant during the first six months if exclusively breastfeeding and not having a period. However, it can be perfectly normal to go years without having a period, if continuing to breastfeed. I am a mother of four, currently breastfeeding a 23 month old and I have yet to have a return to menses. If you are breastfeeding and not having a period, chances are it is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned with.

    With that being said, most women will have their first postpartum period within a year of delivery if breastfeeding and within a few months if not breastfeeding. Though not always, this period usually indicates a return to fertility. However, menstruation is not the ONLY sign of fertility and may even be a misnomer.

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    Hi Mom2many,

    I am breastfeeding my one year old daughter and has also not started on formula milk for her. So I am slowly thinking about reducing the frequency of breastfeeding. Thanks for the advice.

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    I have what I would consider to be normal menstrual cycles. They last anywhere from 23-26 days and average between 24-25 days. My cycles seem to be getting longer lately though, the last 6 months having been 24, 26, 24, 23, 26, 25, 25 and I am now on cycle day 28. Could mine be considered to be irregular cycles or are they just getting longer? What could be the cause of cycles getting longer?

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