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    How can parents help their kids in overcoming shyness ?

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    There are some things you can do that may help, such as modeling positive extroverted behaviour and giving them plenty of opportunity to socialise with their peers. However, in the end, I believe some children are simply introverts by nature, in turn demonstrating "shy" characteristics. As an introvert myself, I would encourage you to embrace the positive elements of this personality type and be sure that you are not placing undue pressure on your little one to "fit in" with the more extroverted world.

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    Hi Mom2many,

    I am very much interested in this topic and had always wanted to get an experts advice on this. Thanks for providing such a meaningful insight .

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    Most of the boys have this shyness problem, in this case the parents need to give them some confidence that's all, you need to prepare their mind for everything they have to face in the life.

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