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    Not getting pregnant after my first miscarriage.

    Hi all

    I am 22 and got pregnant for the first time after 1 and half years of my marriage. Boy unfortunately I got miscarriage on 3 months and half. I used drugs consulting a doctor to clean things off. Everything was fine except I used to feel pain on the lower part of my belly. After that we (me and my husband) are trying to get a baby. Almost seven months have been elapsed so far but I am not getting pregnant again.

    I want to know how I should proceed not to get miscarriage this time. Its really frustrating and painful.

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    Hi Sima,

    It's really important that you do at least 3 months of preconception care in order to increase your chances of avoiding another miscarriage.

    Have you been watching your personal signs of fertility so that you know when to make love and if you're ovulating?

    Warm Regards,


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    Thanks Kate for your response.

    Yes, I am keeping an eye on the signs of fertility.



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