Good day. I am just new to this site but I am positive that you guys can help me. Here is my story. 2 years ago I discovered that I had dermoid cysts both on my left and right ovaries. (Dermoid cysts are fluid filled) They were able to save me but my right and a part of my left ovary was removed. I now only have a part of my left ovary and I just got married. I DESPERATELY want to have my own baby - the doctors said I still can but It's so frustrating. All of my friends who are married are already mums and I'm not. I don't know what to do. Additional information that might help is that, before when I had the cysts, I only had my period for around a day and half but now it's up to 3 days but very light. I am 200 lbs and a bit short in height. Please help me. I so want to have my own baby. It makes me cry whenever I have a pregnancy test and it returns negative. It's heartbreaking.