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    Pregnancy After Missed Abortion


    I am really concerned about my sister who got her baby aborted before two years because she had an unplanned pregnancy. Now, from the last three months she has been trying to get pregnant but is unable to. Before planning for a child, she had regular periods with good menstrual flow for at least 4 days. However, after starting to plan for a child she got regular periods but with only 1.5 day of flow and at the end of the second day she used to get a clot and then the bleeding would stop.

    She is unable to understand why she is not getting pregnant and getting such less menstrual flow after beginning to plan. Is it because of the abortion. She had got the abortion done through pills. Is it the side effect of pills?? Will she able to get pregnant?

    Awaiting your reply,

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    Three months is not a long time to attempt conception. Since the abortion was done via pills I would not think this is a result of the abortion. It was two years ago? Do you know how far along she was when she chose to abort?

    I'm sure your sister will be able to conceive again. It is important to be patient in these matters. I do not know why her period have decreased, that may be something she needs to discuss with a medical professional.

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    Thanks much for your reply. She was 6 weeks pregnant when she chose to abort before two years. I will ask her to try for one year then visit a doc.


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    Hi Sarah,

    I agree with Mom2Many - I don't think the pills your sister took 2 years ago would be causing infertility or hormonal balance now. However there are lots of things that can keep a woman from being able to conceive easily.

    You mentioned in another post that your sister is pregnant. Is the sister that's pregnant this one, or a different one?

    We have a thread in the forum with information on how to read your body's signs of fertility. When you know the perfect time for baby making sex, getting pregnant can happen faster.

    Please let me know if you find this information helpful or if you have any other questions.

    Warm Regards,


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