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    How do you deal with criticism?

    I did vaccinate my first child fully, but I delayed vaccinations for my second child and my third child. My youngest has not been vaccinated at all. I have read books on vaccines, but I am constantly looking for more information. I found this book, The Parents Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations by Lauren Feder, and I think it looks amazing. I like that the author explains everything fully, and gives you tips for whether you choose to vaccinate or not.

    What I am having difficulty with is the increasing amount of criticism and lack of support for my choices. I am still not sure when or if my younger children will receive vaccines, or which ones I will agree too. My paediatrician has been supportive and respects my decisions, but I find that some people in the office are not supportive and feel that my children need to be fully vaccinated.

    How do you deal with criticism if you have delayed vaccines or if you have chosen not to vaccinate at all?
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