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    Egg Donation

    I want to be an egg donor to those people who are having problems with conception and I want to stay anonymous. Is that possible? Or I really have to meet with the recipient?

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    There are many countries which currently offer the option of being an anonymous egg donor. However, that does not guarantee that the law will not change in the future, allowing a child to contact her biological mother.

    If your concern is about having to meet with the recipient of the egg, then I'm confident that you'll have no trouble staying anonymous to her. She will likely just see a list of your features, but won't know your name. Most egg donations are made this way.

    Here's an article from 2011 that has some interesting information. Canadian court bans anonymous sperm and egg donation.

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    It depends on where you are at, as Kate pointed out. As she also pointed out, that information must be kept on record, you have to provide contact and health information to the company that will be storing your eggs. So even if you remain anonymous to the recipient, your information may someday be accessible due to changes in law.

    I have always wanted to donate eggs as well. If it is something you feel strongly about, go for it. What reason is anonymity so important to you? Are you afraid of being contacted by the child? His or her parents?

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    @Angela - Attachment, maybe. We have this adopted child. And we never get to do the legal process thing. And every Christmas or New Year holidays, the parents would come over and ask if they can have him for a week or so. We can't say NO, maybe because I'm also a parent and I can feel what they feel. I don't know.

    And lately, I had been thinking of donating for some good cause but I was hesitant to meet with the recipient as I might do the same thing of wanting to see my child or anything. I think I had to go counseling before even pursuing with the donation.

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    Counseling is a really good idea before making a commitment to give your eggs away. I would have to think that donating an egg would be far easier than carrying a child, giving birth and then giving the child away. The bonding that takes place during pregnancy would not be an issue if just donating eggs.

    Another thing you may want to do is join a forum where mums who donate or receive eggs receive information and support. In this way you may be able to learn more about the feelings that an egg donor experiences.

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    I'm curious about egg donation but I know so little about it, that I don't even know what questions to ask...I feel kind of silly for asking but I've always thought that it is better to ask a question and look silly for not knowing than to remain silent and never know. Would anyone please tell me what I should know and where should I begin looking for information?

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    Hi mekiaussie234

    Asking about egg donation is never silly. Around the globe there are hundreds of thousands of childless individuals and couples who, without egg donors, will never succeed in realising their dream of having a child.

    Where you need to go next for information will depend on what country you are in. If you are in Australia you might like to visit Egg Donation Australia. Two important things you should know about egg donation are:

    Donating eggs is not like donating sperm.
    While can provide hundreds of thousands of sperm in a month, a women generally produces only one egg. For this reason egg donors are generally placed on the same hormone treatment used for IVF to create a 'batch' of eggs which can then be harvested.

    Collecting eggs requires a surgical procedure
    To collect mature eggs for donation a surgical procedure is required. This is performed as day surgery with light anesthetic and the use of ultrasound. You can watch an egg collection here: Egg collection in IVF flushing follicels with a single lumen needle.

    While I don't generally recommend Wikipedia in this case it provides a pretty useful overview of egg donation which you might find useful.

    Generally most egg donour recipients will be seeking a donor that has completed their family. This seems to help to reduce the possibility that a donor might seek to reclaim their child.

    I hope this helps!
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