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    Giving attention to twin

    My twin babies, 11 month, love to be held, crawling,cruising or walk while gripping my hand, I can't handle alone if they
    do at the same time. One will go to the right and other to the left. For their safety, I put the one in cot and keep an eye
    the other one. One of my babies more often wants to do it, so the other one just in the cot seeing her sister or playing
    or just lying which I think she is bored. I concern with their physiology. Should I give them attention base on their need
    or quantity time? Any advice and suggestion would be very grateful. Thank you for reading.

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    You may very well have one baby that is more active than the other. One may be more content to just sit and watch while the other isn't content unless she is moving around.

    As long as you are making sure that the one who is content to just sit is getting plenty of opportunity to play and move then you'll be fine. Would be best to create a safe area where both can be moving around in the room or in the play space as they want. One may walk on her own before the other does, but both should be able to move around and exercise their muscles.

    Can you remove tables that are low to the ground, or pad the edges with a sleeping bag or thick blanket? What is keeping you from being able to let the girls play on their own? I'd like to help give you ideas on creating a space that is safe and allows them both to be able to move around as they become much more active.

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    Hi Kate, thank you very much for the idea Yes,I can arrange the table, sofa,thick blanket to make larger playing area. I do this idea and they seem happy. I think I will re-arrange if they were bored.

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    Toy Rotation For Children

    Hi TwoAngels,

    Another thing you can do to keep their attention and avoid boredom is to only place a few toys out for them each week. Rotating toys is a great way to not have to continually buy new toys for the children.

    Get 4 boxes. Divide the toys up between these 4 boxes and label each box with a number (1, 2, 3, 4).

    Place boxes 2, 3 and 4 up in the closet (or easily accessible storage area) and let the children play with the toys in box number one.

    At the end of week 1, take the toys that the children played with and put them in box #1. Put box #1 away and get out box #2. Let the children play with these toys for a week, and at the end of the week put those toys back in box #2 and get the toys out that are in box #3.

    If you rotate toys like this every week, the toys will seem like brand new and exciting toys to play with each time you get the "new" toys out (which aren't really new, but seem new to the children).

    As the girls get older you will find that you are collecting more and more toys, and then you can transition to a monthly rotation rather than weekly.

    You can also do a daily rotation if you find you have enough toys and the children need something "new" each day.

    Glad to hear that the children are enjoying their new play space!

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    Hi Kate,
    It is very great tips. I usually just put toys in play space without thinking about rotation toys.
    Thank you for the tips

    warm regards,

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