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    Unhappy Slow Development

    If a premature baby suffered both broncho pneumonia and surgery during his first year, will it affect his development? I have a son, who's now 3 yrs old and he barely talks and can only say daddy, dodo, dada, doda, dado and the like even if I always talk to him a lot and we even let him listen to music and television. Other people would say he's a special child but I insist he isn't. Any idea why his development is very slow?

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    You obviously know that your son's speech is delayed. Sometimes speech therapy can help. But I'd also address his diet because we know the body can heal itself if given the right nutrients and "tools" to do so.

    One way to be sure he's getting enough nutrients is to feed him green smoothies. Children really like to use straws and they love fruit smoothies. Just add some deep greens to give him extra calcium, chlorophyll and a whole host of phytonutrients, and you'll not only have a happy child who asks for his smoothie each day, but you should start to see some signs of better health.

    If you do a search on this site for "green smoothie" you'll find lots of resources, recipes and videos. But here's a great video that shows a 19 month old loving her green smoothie. Watch it all the way to the end when Mama open's baby's cup to show you how much she drank. Another little tip - put the green smoothie in a cup that you can't see through (like the one in the video) if you think your child may not like the green color. You can also start with dark berries, like blueberries, cherries, blackberries, etc. and then you won't see the green color - it will just be a purply type color.


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    For sure, I'm gonna try that!

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    Did you try it yet? Let us know what your little one thought of the smoothie.

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