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    Smile Can anyone refer me to a Perth Doctor to ask questions about Preconceiving

    My husband and I have made the decision that we are ready to try and conceive. I have just gotten off the pill after 10 years of being on it. My husband works away 6 months of the year so is home every second month for a whole month at a time (Month on, Month off). We are wanting to start trying when he gets home starting the 1st February 2013. We are wanting to make an appointment with a doctor who can answer all of our questions. I have done alot of research as to how to calculate my ovulation etc but just want to actually confirm with a doctor that what I know is correct. My husband also wants to be there at the appointment so he understands it all properly as well. We are young (25 & 29) and dont believe we will have any problems conceiving however dont want just "try" and see what happens, then a year passes and we havent fallen. Given that he is only home every second month we feel that we only have limited time to give it a go. If anyone knows a particular doctor in the Perth area that i guess specialises in fertility that would be great. Any advise or comments are welcome. Thank you Tahnee :-)
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