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Thread: Did you have a birth plan?

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    Did you have a birth plan?

    I was reading through this article on birth plans, and I completely agree with the statement, "The term ‘Birth Plan’ implies that there is some control over birth and that you are able to plan for it. The reality is that you have little control over labour and birth, making it very difficult to formulate any sort of plan. Perhaps it would be better to think in terms of listing ‘Birth Preferences’ or compiling a ‘Wish List’."

    I like the idea of creating a birth preferences list or wish list, instead of a birth plan. I never actually composed a birth plan during my pregnancies, but I wish I had. I found that some of my wishes or preferences were not fully acknowledged once I was actually in labour. I love that the article I mentioned above includes a list of things you should include in a birth plan. If I had written one, I probably would have included information about being able to drink or eat during labour, using techniques to avoid pain medications, who could be present at the birth, and letting labour go naturally instead of encouraging it through artificial measures. Overall, I was relieved and overjoyed to have my babies after labour, but I do think it is important for women to be able to make their wishes known and to have their wishes respected during labour.

    Did you have a birth plan? If you are pregnant now, are you going to create a birth plan?

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    I had 'birth wishes' which I wrote down and also discussed in detail with my husband (my birthing partner!) which explained that I wanted as natural a labour as possible. However, I wish I had read this article with its list of things you could include in a birth plan as (looking back) mine wasn't detailed enough. I wish I had asked for more time for us to be left alone with our new baby as soon as he was born.

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    I created a birth preference list for baby's two and three. I planned a homebirth - so my list included what was important to me at home (and what everyone's roles were). I also had a plan in case I needed to transfer to hospital. This outlined what was very important to me, what was negotiable and what was not. While thankfully I didn't need to transfer - it gave me some piece of mind.
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    I did not have a birth plan with my first one, but after reading this I think that I will need one for my second one. I have to say that I always thought that I was just going by the nurse, but there were certain things that I did not agree with when I was pregnant with my first one. I tell you the nurse kept pressuring me to take some type of pain relief medication if I was hurting. I did not take it until i was ready though, so I think there are a few things that I may need to write up. I was able to keep my baby in our room, so I am hoping that I can do that where I am now as well. Yeah I will be writing one for my second one now.

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    I created a birth plan with all of my children. It wasn't too fussy. I kept the fact that many things were out of my control in mind while making it, but wanted to ensure my wishes were clear.

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