Hello fellow mums and those who want to be one like myself. It's hard to go through the process of conceiving and I feel that I have no one to talk to about these things because I don't have my mum anymore. Well, I just got married and he is going to be 36 and Im 28 (the one with the partial ovary and is overweight).

- My husband doesn't have any kids with his ex girlfriends which is quite weird with his age. He is a chain smoker, loves 3 tablespoons of sugar with 1 CUP of coffee which tastes like syrup, he has like 8 cups a day and a drinker but he goes to the gym and eats healthy. Whenever I try to stop him, he says his dad is also the same and they are 6 in the family. He is very stubborn.

- Second is that we don't have sex often. I am known for my paranoia about these things and it drives me crazy. He says that he is not the guy who's live revolves around sex and that he is just so tired. Though before he admitted that he was a bit disappointed because I don't have orgasm with sexual intercourse and that he feels that he is not good enough. Though even if he reads sex stories he doesn't masturbate. He just goes to bed hugs and tickles me and sleeps.
Is there such a thing as a guy who is not totally crazed about sex? It has been 2 and a half months now since we did it. I have a time clock and he doesn't. Just makes me sad. Though I have read that certain lifestyles can really make you lose interest such as too much nicotine, sugar and caffeine. Is this true?

Please help me. I'm getting desperate. =(