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    Will I have postpartum depression again?

    I had postpartum depression after having my daughter. It was mild enough that I didn't need medications and went to therapy and a support group. The depression has now subsided, but I have anxiety (but it is also getting better through therapy and taking time for myself). How likely is it that I will have depression again next time?

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    Unfortunately women who have previously experienced postpartum depression, or for that matter any type of depression, are more likely to have it following future births. Since you know you are prone to it, you may want to begin taking precautions now. Make sure you have plenty to eat and drink throughout labor and delivery, and find a cooperative caregiver who will be able to assist you in obtaining lactation-safe medications following delivery (if you are planning to breastfeed).

    You may also want to contact your former therapist and begin attending support group meetings to prepare yourself. You seem very well prepared and I think you will do great! Best of luck!


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    Looking after yourself nutritionally can change the outcome dramatically. Making sure you have healthy eating habit and increasing particularly B Vitamins can help to prevent postpartum depression from occuring.
    So make sure you are having plenty of good fat sources (which help the function of your brain and needed for bubbies growing brain too) such as nuts and seeds, avocado and fish (and oil versions of any of these), as well as protein sources such as nuts and seeds, lean meats, fish, chicken (organic only due to growth factors and other nasties), legumes. Of course also having lots of fresh veggies (particularly dark leafy greens) and fruits.
    Then limit your intake of sugars/carbohydrates and 'bad' fats such as breads, pastas, baked goods, rice, grains, starchy veggies e.g. potato.
    There are also many nutritional supplements that can help should you happen to get it.
    I had PND that went unnoticed after my first child, so was much more vigilant looking for the signs the second time round and got straight onto it when I noticed the slightest sign that it was starting. Turned out to be poor thyroid function (which is a very common cause of PND as your thyroid function drops after having a baby and is strongly linked to depression).
    I got straight onto some supplements to increase my nutrition and felt better within 3 days. It's something that is very often easily helped and you don't need to suffer with it unnecessarily.
    Enjoy your pregnancy!

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    Hi NataliesMum,

    I just wanted to second the opinions expressed above. Whilst postpartum depression is unfortunately more likely if you have suffered from it previously, the fact that you are proactively trying to give your body all that it needs will help. Also, it sounds like you already have a strong support network which it is important to maintain as a new mum. There's some evidence that baby wearing and breastfeeding can reduce the likelihood of post partum depression occurring. But if you are ever concerned, please ask for help straight away. Dealing with/ treating the depression sooner is advised to stop it developing further.

    I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy, birth and time as a new mum again.

    Best wishes,


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    Unfortunately there is a correllation and it is a distinct possibility the 2nd time too. But make sure you get yourself into great shape physically and mentally and ensure you have your support network in place early this time, so I totally enhance the advice above. Though there is also the distinct possibility you will be fine too!

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