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    Have you tandem breastfed?

    I never thought I would tandem breastfeed. I applauded women who did it, but I never really considered doing it myself. When my oldest was about a year old, I became pregnant with my second child and my oldest was still breastfeeding. I knew that extended breastfeeding was beneficial, so weaning was not an option. I breastfed through my pregnancy and tandem breastfed for nearly a year. It was a wonderful experience, and I am glad that I was able to have the chance to breastfeed two of my children at the same time.

    Have you tandem breastfed? What was your experience like?

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    I did tandem breastfeed. I found breastfeeding through pregnancy quite uncomfortable - though this did not deter my toddler. Once the baby was born I felt that tandem breastfeeding enabled a gentle transition for the toddler in coming to accept his little sister. In fact it helped develop a special bond - they were breastfeeding buddies and the toddler became fiercely protective of his sister.

    Also another positive was that when my breasts became very full and uncomfortable that having two children feeding quickly remedied the situation.
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