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Thread: Crazy Cravings

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    Crazy Cravings

    They say that cravings during pregnancy are signals from the body that it requires certain vitamins or minerals. For instance, not being a chocolate lover at all beforehand, when pregnant with my second daughter I had crazy cravings for chocolate which is said to be a need for Vitamin B.

    Did you (or are you having) any crazy cravings?

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    I craved bowlful after bowlful of cereals with lots of milk added. The number of boxes of cereal we got through became quite a joke amongst our friends!

    I wonder if it was the need for extra Calcium (for strengthening the baby's growing bones) which caused this craving. It went away as soon as I had the baby.

    After birth, I 'craved' (I don't know if this is really the right word to use - obviously it wasn't a pregnancy craving) anything with oats in it. This may be because eating oats helps with your breast milk supply and my body knew this was what it needed. Interesting!


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