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Thread: Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

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    Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

    What are the safest ways to exercise during pregnancy? I love lifting weights, is that okay to do while pregnant?

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    Unfortunately, lifting weights is probably going to be a little too high-impact for pregnancy. There are other things that you can and should do, like taking walks or even light jogs, practicing yoga, swimming, and performing low-impact aerobics.

    Here is an article on exercise in pregnancy from our resident midwife Jane. You may also want to search the forums, this is a popular question and I know I have seen threads on the topic in the past.

    You will be back to lifting those weights before you know it!

    Best Wishes,

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    Bummer! That's okay, whatever is best for baby!

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    Its the perfect time to try a new exercise. Pilates on a reformer wiyh an expert instructor is fantastic in pregnancy and not only will it give you a work out but it helps keep your spine functional at a time when it can be vulnerable. Google Polestar Pilates for a pregnancy qualified instructor. Also it helps you get your figure and strength back much faster after you have had the baby.

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