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    Horrible Cough While Pregnant, What Can I Take?

    I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with my third and I have had a horrible cough for the past week. The cough gets so bad that it causes me to throw up once a day (usually first thing in the morning). Is there anything I can take or do to help this? Thank you!

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    Do you think you have pertussis? Have you seen a physician? If it is making you throw up and has been going on, that sounds pretty serious.

    There are several over the counter meds that are suitable for pregnant women, as well as prescriptions. I would recommend discussing the risks vs. benefits with your care provider. You should definitely go in for a checkup.

    In the meantime, drink plenty of liquids and try using a vaporizer, adding medicated vapor remedies like menthol or eucaplytus may help also. Echinacea tea is safe during pregnancy and may help to reduce the length of symptoms.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!


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    If the GP says no infection then a homeopath may prescribe "toasta spongia" and its amazing for coughs.
    Homeopathy is usually very safe in pregnancy.

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