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    Will my 3rd birth be even quicker?

    I am pregnant with my 3rd child right now and was curious just how quick this labour could possibly be. With my first I was in labour for 8 hours and with my 2nd she came 2 pushes after my water broke (6 mins later). With my 2nd they said I wasn't quite in labour yet and when they checked on me after a bit they realized my water was about to break and that's when they got me to start pushing. It was so quick the doctor wasn't even there yet.

    Now my question is do the more births you have usually quicken the labour time?

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    As a rule of thumb, labours tend to become shorter and easier with every pregnancy. However, the one thing that is a certainty about birth and labour is that there are no certainties. One good thing about the third baby is that you should know your body and have a good idea of what it feels like to give birth, especially if your other births were drug-free and not induced. This means, that you will be better prepared and more aware of changes in your body. You will know what a real contraction feels like, when you've hit transition, and when it is time to call your midwife or head to the hospital/birth center.

    How long were you in labour with your second? With my first baby I had a very long pushing stage, with the next three, they were born after only a few pushes. However, my actual labours have varied between 3 hours and 14.
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    Thanks mom2many!

    With my second they recorded the labour as being 2 hours but there was only 5-10 minutes of pushing. If I can remember correctly I thought it was only 3 pushes after my water broke. She came super quick.

    You are right though with her I already knew my body and that I was going into labour that's why I went to the hospital in the first place. It was the nurses that said I wasn't and let me try to "sleep" in a hospital room until the morning.

    I just wanted to see what others experiences were because I live about 35 minutes away from our hospital.

    Thank you for responding though!! It's sure good to know that this could possibly be another quick and trouble free labour. Fingers crossed

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    In all honesty, 35 minutes is not too bad. I am sure you will be just fine. I am wishing a quick and easy labour. Cannot wait to hear how it goes! I love a good birth story. =)

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