Do you feel well-supported in your choice to tandem breastfeed? What sort of reactions have you come across - from friends, medical professionals and the public? What do you feel could be done to better support tandem breastfeeding mums?

I have to admit that before I started having children (it's hard to remember those times now, right?!) I had not heard of tandem breastfeeding. I simply had no knowledge of it. After a joyful 2 years of breastfeeding my first son (after a rocky start with an undiagnosed tongue tie) we/he decided to continue breastfeeding when his brother came along.

I didn't feel there was a huge amount of information available for tandem breastfeeders-to-be. I would have loved to have known someone personally who was tandem breastfeeding before I did. Sadly, I received unsupportive reactions even from nurses and midwives. The lack of sound education, even by some health professionals, on breastfeeding and tandem feeding is a sorry state.

If you are planning to tandem breastfeed or have any tandem breastfeeding questions then please ask away and we will do our best to support and advise you.

Finally, my very favourite tandem breastfeeding quote comes from my then two year old: 'two boys, two milks' - it's as simple as that .