I know tandem breastfeeding can seem challenging. I think a lot of new mums are worried about how the older child will adjust and if there will be enough breast milk for both babies. A woman's body will produce enough breast milk, as long as the milk is effectively removed from the breast, so she will continuously produce more. This ensures that both of her children receive the amount that each one needs. I have read a lot of stories from women who found that tandem breastfeeding helped the oldest adjust better to having a sibling and it created a special bond between them, as well.

With my experience, my oldest did have a bit of a difficult time adjusting at first. He began wanting to breastfeed all the time, and he did try to push his sister away a few times. After we got through the first few weeks, things changed and it was a wonderful experience. I think it was a great way for them to bond. I would sometimes breastfeed both together, and sometimes I would breastfeed each one at different times, so they each had special breastfeeding time alone.

One thing that I found that worked well was to have a special box for my oldest. The box can be filled with new toys, craft items, books, or even old toys that the child has not played with in a while. I know that sometimes mums may want to breastfeed only the baby, especially during the early days when they are working on getting a good latch. There are also times when the older one may want attention, but it is hard to completely focus on him or her when the baby is breastfeeding. So, the box can be pulled out during breastfeeding times, and the child can select a new item to play with. You can read him or her a new book or the child can select a new toy to play with. It really helps to give the older child something special that he or she is able to have, and it lets you have time to breastfeed the baby. We would sit down and read a book together or my oldest would sit with me and play with a new toy while I breastfed the youngest, and it did help us.

Do you have any tips for mums that are tandem breastfeeding?