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Thread: 6 year old refuses to clean

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    6 year old refuses to clean

    I need help. My 6 year old son refuses to clean up after himself. I feel we have tried everything from rewards to taking away items. Nothing seems to work. Is there any tips that you have used to get your child to help clean up after themselves?

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    We have a big problem with this as well. I think the easiest thing to do, in the beginning, is to find their motivation. Keep a chore chart with a list of expectations as well, it will be hard for your child to remember even daily activities without a bit of nudging at this age. Charts and reminders from mum and dad may help quite a bit. Provide little rewards, positive reinforcement is so helpful in these instances. Even things that may seem common sense to us, like putting our dirty dish in the sink are in essence learned behaviours. At six, those behaviours may not yet be entirely ingrained.


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    Hi babybubba

    I have an 8 year old and cleaning up has been an ongoing issue. I have learnt to make peace with expecting things like the dinner dishes being put in the sink because I have come to understand that, as yet, this is not habit. I remind her every time and when she does remember I praise her.

    I found the most powerful motivator was money and so my daughter now has to work for her pocket money. We agreed on tasks and prices together. She receives $2 a week and to get more she has to do some of the agreed tasks. Some weeks she does and some weeks she doesn't. When she doesn't she has little money to spend so feels it. I don't make a fuss about it.

    Of everything I have tried, this has worked the best.

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