My 21 month old daughter still frequently wakes up once during the night. It has gotten better since we started a routine of her putting her own doll to sleep but she still wakes up and needs to be cuddled to sleep. I know that many will suggest sleep training but it doesn't work on my daughter because of her throwing up if she cries too much. Both of my kids have such a bad gag reflex that if they get too upset they throw up. It isn't pretty.

The last few nights have been much better with her finally falling asleep at 9pm and only waking at 6am because she was wet. I'm hoping this lasts but usually her wake up time is around 2am and she isn't up long. She just want to be hugged and will fall back asleep.

I'm just hoping she can sleep straight through the night before our 3rd baby comes

Any suggestions would be great!!! Thank you!