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    how to soothe crying toddler after nap

    Hello to all. My 18-month old baby cries when she wakes up from her morning or afternoon naps. IS this normal for our babies at this age? Because this happens often. If not, what can I do to minimize this? And how should I comfort her when she cries during these times?

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    Could you lay down with her and pat her back. Maybe she didn't get her nap out and needs a little more sleep. One of my kids used to do this. We would pat his back and he would go back to sleep for a bit longer. It really made a huge difference in his composition once he did wake up.

    I hope that you can find the key to helping her transition from her nap wakings.

    Peace and Love
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    Thank you sunnymum0f5. Yes I tried patting her and she falls asleep again.

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