Ok ladies, So my husband and I are trying to fall pregnant and we are a couple that wants to know exactly how it all works! I have some questions about Ovulation...

Firstly, My period fell on the 22nd December 2012.

On the 5th January (15 days later, including the very first day of my period) my breasts were very painful. Every other day after that (6th, 7th, 8th, 9th) I have had different CM. And from what I have been told (by the lovely Kate) is that this is a sign. Today (10th) my breast are still sore, but definitely not as tender. But what I have noticed is some pain. Which I dont get every month. But this pain to me means that my body is actually releasing the egg. Does this sound correct.

What I am confused on though is the different CM. Some days I had stretchy, clear CM, other day I had some clumps of it that were hard. At what days and what order should these occur? Or does it not matter?

I understand that the clear CM is good for fertility because it makes it easy for the sperm to swim and meet the egg, and that the Sticky creamy coloured CM makes it harder for sperm. Now I would imagine, that your body would produce the CM that was hard to swim through first, then when your body is almost ready to ovulate it would create the clear CM last? For me, this month I believe it was in the wrong order?

I hope I have explained this well enough.

Thank you for your answers.

Tahnee :-)