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    Does stress affect infertility and miscarriage?


    I got pregnant before I have my work. I was hired 6 months after giving birth which involves some stress and work overload. Now wanting another child, I find it hard to get pregnant again.

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    Hi Renolyn,

    As you're suspecting, stress can definitely play a part in making it much more difficult to conceive.

    You'll want to be sure you're leading a fertility friendly lifestyle and that includes reducing stress when possible.

    Warm regards,


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    Definitely, stress has an effect to carrying a child or trying to get pregnant. Based on my pregnancy with my first boy, I never had any stress and my cycle was regular until the day we decided to make a baby. And also I lived a healthy lifestyle.

    Well, my husband works overseas and I tried not to exhaust myself emotionally and physically with anything that could jeopardize my health. Then, I had my first son.

    So try not to tire yourself out.

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    Hi Renolyn,

    I agree with the ladies above - stress does unfortunately have a negative impact on trying to conceive and being pregnant. You might find a yoga exercise class useful to help you feel more relaxed. You can also practice the breathing taught on this class as you go about your day.

    This article explains the recent research into the problems stress causes when you are trying to conceive. It shows women who had more stressful lifestyles had 12% less chance of conceiving each month.

    Good luck with conceiving your next baby,


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    This is helping me a lot because maybe another reason is that I AM SO STRESSED. Everyday I get jealous and im so stressed. I want to conceive and I wish I could stop thinking too much about little things. =(

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    When you want a baby so much, it is really is hard not to think about it all the time. Some things that can help you is to plan activites like having a party or learning a new skill. This can help take your mind off of trying to conceive. Learn all you can about eating a fertility friendly diet and start exercising every day. When you feel really confident about all you're doing to help increase your fertility, then you'll be less anxious about getting pregnant because you'll feel like you've got everything under control.

    Feel free to post with any questions you may have about your cycle, and if you want to know exactly when to make love, you can ask that question to when you think you may be in your fertile window.

    Warm Regards,


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