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    Birth Control Issues

    Hello everyone!

    I have been posting how I would like to try for another child, but my husband has not gotten on board. Well, we recently bought a house and moved. Prior to this transition, I was on time with my birth control. However, I have not been able to stay on top of my birth control since the move. This has been going on for two months! I take it on time for a couple of days and then totally forget to take it for three or four days. I told my husband, out of respect for his wishes, and we began using condoms. I have only recently decided to stop taking the contraceptives. Has anyone ever used the tracking fertility method to avoid pregnancy?

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    Hormonal birth control like the pill comes with risks, so I'm glad to hear that you've decided to stop it altogether.

    Natural Family Planning is very effective. I used it for 7 years with 100% effectiveness. I created a thread called Natural Birth Control which has more information that will be helpful to you.

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    Yes as long as you are following it properly and learn to read your body, it is effective. I also have used it to fall and not fall pregnant with success for the last 5 years. There are also practitioners around I believe that specialise in Billings Methods for example that can help if you need it.

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    I suspect your husband is worried about finances with a new house move etc - with Dads the whole "provider issue" is the key. Unfortunately no form of contraception other than abstinence is 100% safe.

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    I am on tri-cyclen lo, and I am mostly happy with it, but I am just curious to see what others think and like just in case I wanted to switch.
    I don't really need it for anything other than birth control, like skin issues or anything, but I mean if I good one is known to assist with that, it can't hurt.

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