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Thread: miscarriage - clear discharge?

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    miscarriage - clear discharge?

    hi i was wondering, my friend, or should i say acquaintance told me she found some clear discharge in her pants when she was 13 weeks pregnant and took it to the Drs in a tissues as she was convinced it was her baby and she said they confirmed she had had a miscarriage, is this possible? i am now very scared this will happen to me but i have a feeling this isnt even possible. Doess anyone know if this can happen?

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    I cannot say it is impossible. It is possible that she had a significant amount of clear, watery discharge, maybe a leaking of amniotic fluids. However, the event as you have described above sounds sort of stretched. Let me explain why.

    You will have an increase in clear discharge throughout pregnancy, this is perfectly normal. A miscarriage, especially in early second trimester, is usually marked by bloody show and painful cramping.

    I have personally had two miscarriages. One was 6 weeks and the second at 10. I did pass a small, but recognizable amniotic sac with the second miscarriage. It was clear, but it was proceeded by several hours of bleeding and pain.

    If I were you, I would put this worry to rest. Miscarriages past 12 weeks are unfortunate, but rare. Once you have heard the heartbeat, odds of fetal demise drop sharply. I also cannot reiterate enough that clear, mucous discharge is normal during pregnancy.

    Now on the other hand, watery discharge and bloody show are cause for concern and should be reported to the midwife or doctor right away. But even in that event, there is a good chance that it will be fine. As spotting can occur following pelvic exams or intercourse and watery discharge that early in pregnancy is almost, always related to other, normal causes.


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