Hi There,

Just wanted to ask a question.

I conceived before Christmas and found out I was pregnant during the beginning of January, about five weeks, and only found out when I missed my period. I did 2 home tests and both were positive. The next week, on the 10th Jan, I had some bleeding which became heavier the next day and filled pads. It lasted for two days then stopped. I had scans and blood tests to confirm that I had lost the baby.

My partner and I haven't really been trying again but haven't been preventing either.

I haven't had any periods yet after my miscarriage, however I am due tomorrow. Yesterday on the 25/1 on a hunch I did a home pregnancy test and there was a very very faint positive line next to the darker negative line. I did another test today 26/1 and it was negative with no positive line visible.

I did not let the test sit overnight and then check it, I checked both after the appropriate times.

Could it be possible that I am pregnant again? These tests you can use before you get your periods. Am I testing still too early, should I wait until I get my periods or not before I test again to get a more accurate result?

Many thanks for all your help