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    Pregnancy Support - CCE Program Melbourne

    Are you, or is someone you know pregnant and open to receiving support during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period? My name is Nicole, I am a Midwifery student Studying at ACU (Melbourne) and am currently in my final year of study. As a Midwifery student at Australian Catholic University I am looking for women interested in the Continuity of Care Experience (CCE) program.

    The CCE program allows students the opportunity to support women through their pregnancy by learning from them and their experiences. It gives me as a midwifery student the opportunity to experience continuity in practice, and provide regular support and care throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period (4 - 6 weeks after birth).

    Communication between a woman and midwife is fundamental to providing quality care. I believe that developing relationships and providing support can be achieved through listening, sharing stories and following the journey of women through their pregnancy. In this regard the
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