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    hello :-) first time here and ttc at 44!


    I am Mouschka and hoping there are other women here in the same boat. My husband and I are trying to conceive our first child at the ripe old age of 44. I am currently eating a paleo diet, using chiropractic, acupuncture and chinese medicine as well as consulting our mainstream fertility doctor. I am fed up with all the negativity being thrown at me about my chances, I am healthy, don't smoke or drink, I still ovulate, my husbands sperm is fine so I figure we might as well give it a go!

    So anyway, hello and I hope to soak up all the helpful advice on this forum!

    I'd love to hear from women who got pregnant at an older age and any hints or tips they could share.
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    There are plenty of ladies who conceive much older so "keep trying". Try to reduce any stress or anxiety about it as that seems to make a huge difference. An NLP practitioner can really help with that.

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    Welcome to the forum. I gave birth to my first child at 40, having achieved my first baby through surrogacy. Like you I still ovulate and my infertility relates to the ability to carry a baby rather than achieve great embryos. I read an article recently on the rising age of mother's in Australia, which for the life of me I now can't locate. However the quote below is from an article in The Age in 2011. You are definitively not alone!

    The demographics of women giving birth in Australia have changed dramatically in the past 50 years. The total number of babies a woman has in her lifetime has declined from a peak of 3.5 in 1961 to 1.9 in 2009. There has also been a tendency for women to have their babies at older ages. The median age of women giving birth in Australia reached a low of 25.4 in 1971 and rose to a peak of 30.8 in 2006. The proportion of older women giving birth has also risen, with mothers aged over 35 rising from 11 per cent in 1991 to 23 per cent in 2008.

    Best wishes on your journey towards motherhood!

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