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Thread: Early Signs of Pregnancy

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    Early Signs of Pregnancy

    Some women say they felt pregnant from the day they conceived. For me, I'd say I definitely knew before I got the positive test results. The first time I was pregnant it was particularly obvious. My breasts were so tender that even my shirt bothered me and I was extremely tired, starting around a week past conception.

    For those of you who noticed early signs of pregnancy, what were they? How soon did you notice?

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    I noticed nausea and fatigue as the first signs during each of my pregnancies. I think that I knew with each pregnancy around four to five weeks. Although, I knew very early that I was pregnant with my youngest. I just had a feeling, and I knew I was pregnant.

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    For me it was fatigue. I can remember being a birth overnight (always a tiring event in its self) - but I couldn't understand why I was so profoundly tired (it took me a day or two to work it out)
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    Well I had to take a test to know actually. I was not even getting any early signs or anything from being pregnant with my first or second child. Well I can say the only i had was my missed cycle, but that was it everything else was just a toss up really. I took about 5 tests before I was satisfied too haha. I was always like okay is this right or wrong. Yeah I took about 5 to make sure that I was pregnant the second time.

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    I'd have to say that each of my "early pregnancy signs" were different with each of my 5 pregnancies.

    With the first I really had very little "signs" other than someone mentioned to look for blue veins on my chest... which I had, but nothing else except a positive pregnancy test and then nausea set in at about 6 weeks from my LMP.

    With the second and third it was pretty much the same, but with my 4th and 5th (getting older now), I actually knew the day after I conceived that I was pregnant. This is because after conception, my cervical fluid never went back to "dry". I stayed wet (though not as wet as in my fertile window). That was the tell tale sign for me with my last two pregnancies.

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    I was unusually sleepy during that time but that didn't make me think I was pregnant. The symptoms that really made me think (which led me to buy a home pregnancy test kit) I was pregnant was I felt dizzy and nauseous early in the morning. I have observed that for 2 days already. And as the days go by, sleepiness followed which was uncontrollable, and unfortunately I was on a board exam review that time and I shouldn't fall asleep, but I can't help but sleep from time to time. lol.

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    Before I became pregnant with my boys, my husband and I had been TTC for 2 years and I had "thought" I had early pregnancy signs so often but it usually was just signs of my period. However, about 3-5 days before I took a home pregnancy test I was waking up every night in the middle of the night to empty my bladder. I actually didn't even think I was pregnant and never realized that this symptom would show up so soon. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive From that day until I had my boys I woke up in the middle of the night every night (a few times a night in my third tri) to empty my bladder. I joked with my husband that it was my body's way of preparing me to wake up several times a night with babies -- it did not prepare me however

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    Like momikatie I felt dizzy within the first week of conceiving - actually I even fainted and had to have an ambulance called. Not fun but it did make my pregnancy fairly obvious to me!

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