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Thread: 5wks pregnant with small sharp pains??

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    5wks pregnant with small sharp pains??

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm extremely happy to announce that I'm 5 weeks pregnant And I'm sure I'm just being paranoid for no real reason but last week I started to get some small sharp pains in my lower abs. It's more so in one side only (right hand side as if I'm looking down at my belly). They don't really hurt that much but I can definitely feel something there. I'm just concerned that it could be a sign of miscarriage. I haven't had any sort of bleeding though. Should I be concerned?

    Thanks in advance for your comments...

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    Firstly congratulations on being pregnant, is it your first?
    Its probably nothing, but if you are worried see your GP.
    The body starts going through very rapid changes at conception and you may find its that your system is simply "getting started" in a hurry.
    Hope all goes well for you.

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    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for your reply! :-)

    Yes its my first pregnancy so as you can understand I'm sure, I'm just a little worried because its my first time. Its just really annoying now and not so much painful. Its gets worst at night though i must say. But again, not very painful just a little worst. We are in the middle of moving from WA to Brisbane at the moment so as soon as I'm settled there I will need to find a doctor (which i will discuss this pain with) and get a referral to a hospital etc. I see you live in Buderim - could you recommend me to anyone in Brisbane at all?

    Thanks for your advise and comments though, much appreciated :-)


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    Yes there is a very good private midwifery service in Brisbane ( all covered by Medicare) I'll get the details for you and they wiull be able to look after you properly.

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    This midwifery group come highly recommended and are worth contacting in Brisbane. They will know who you need to see.

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    Hi Tahnee - welcome to the forum. I hope that pain has settled down for you. You can get lots of different aches and pains even in early pregnancy. If you have any concerns see a midwife or doctor so they can advise you. I will look forward to hearing about how things progress.
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