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    Cloth Nappies

    Who uses cloth nappies? Whats your favorite style? Brand? Does anyone make their own?

    I love cloth nappies, though we use them about half the time right now. I used to use them full-time, but with four kids and a full-time job I have kind of fallen off the cloth wagon this time around. Personally, I love all-in-ones, but I feel like prefolds are easier to clean. I am a huge fan of bumgenius diapers for overnight wear.
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    With baby #1, I used cloth nappies for about 5 months, then found that the disposable nappies kept her drier and she had less rashes.

    With baby #2, I started him in cloth nappies because I wanted to be able to count wet diapers during his first few weeks of life, to be sure he was getting enough breast milk. But after 2 months, I switched to disposable nappies because I found I didn't have to change him as often and they kept him drier.

    Babies 3, 4 and 5 all got disposable nappies. For me, the convenience of the disposable nappies was super important to me, especially when I started doing child care for other families and had 5 children under the age of 3 to care for 12 hours a day.

    I liked the all-in-ones when I used them and my favorite burp cloths were the recycled nappies from the local nappy service. Just loved those!

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    Thanks for sharing! Cloth diapers definitely are good for counting wet diapers during the first few weeks. I have recommended them to many mums who were worried about breast milk intake. I could never tell when a disposable nappy was wet on those newborns!

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