Hi all

One of the questions many women contemplating homebirth will ask themselves is what the 'best' choice is. With conflicting media coverage, the weight of public opinion, and family and friends who may be opposed to the idea of homebirth it can certainly be hard to know which way to turn.

Sometimes when considering this choice in the present it can be good to consider how we, as birthing women, arrived here from our past. I watched a great lecture recently by Caroline Homer, a well-respected and published midwife and advocate for home birth. With a good dose of humour thrown in, it takes you on a whirlwind ride through the history of the home versus hospital debate, how we got here, and what makes a 'good' birthing option.

You can view it here: Home or Hospital? Is there a 'best' birthing option?

If you opted for a homebirth, was it all you hoped? If you chose a hospital birth were you satisfied with you decision? Would you choose different 'next time?'