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Thread: Face of Birth Movie

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    Face of Birth Movie

    Has any one seen this film yet??
    They are on around the country... is the official site

    the next screening is in WA this Tuesday, see below for details

    would love to know what everyone thinks of the movie, good and bad....

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    Hi ACM WA

    I am guessing by now you have seen Face of Birth! What did you think?

    Like The Business of Being Born, I found the Face of Birth an eye-opening film. It's not that I was shocked by anything I heard or saw, but that I continue to marvel at how those who resist intervention are seen as endangering or harming lives when much research suggests that quite the opposite is true. The Face of Birth Trio DVD Pack provides even more food for thought.

    I really enjoyed this lecture on the PBB site: Home or Hospital? Is there a 'best' birthing option?. Years ago I read an article by Michael Odent (father of home-like birthing rooms) and have been a fan ever since. Birth Reborn is a great DVD which sums up his work nicely.

    Have you read any good books lately!?

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    I've seen the movie and it's really an eye opener. Would definitely recommend this movie for all those intellectuals.

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    I just love the Face of Birth. It is an Australian produced movie. You can purchase it online at
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    I found the Face of Birth very interesting. After watching the business of being born it was really nice to have an Australian take on women's experiences of giving birth. I thought it really highlighted how important it is for a women to be able to choose when it comes to birth, and for her to be supported through these decisions by a midwife who knows her. I would have liked the movie to look a bit more at how midwives might be able to provide continuous, woman-centred care in hospital settings as well as focussing on home birth. Definitely worth watching.

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