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    What's your opinion on Controlled Crying?

    This article discusses how Controlled Crying can have a detrimental effect on a baby's health (such as increased heart rate) and emotional state (possibly due to the raised stress hormones during crying). What's your opinion after reading this article? For me, I am sad that it has become such a popular method of getting a baby to sleep. I meet a lot of parents who believe it is the only way for a baby to go to sleep.
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    I did a research paper for a class and read some information similar to this. This is a very well-research article. I am also sad that this method is used often to get babies to sleep. I do understand that there are moments when a baby will cry, and you may have to tend to older children and cannot come as quickly as you would like, but I don't really agree with letting a baby 'cry it out.' Babies, especially newborns, need to feel comfort and love, so they can feel safe and secure. I would imagine that they would feel abandoned and sad if no one responded to their cries. I often hear people say when babies are always cared for when they cry, it will make them spoiled. I do not agree with that, as babies cry because they need something, whether it be food, a new diaper, or just some extra attention and love. I do feel bad when my youngest cries and I cannot pick him up immediately, but he is over a year old now and is usually attached to my leg whilst crying, so I talk to him and reassure him. That is one reason I like babywearing so much, as it helps me get things done and be able to hold my little one.

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