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    Healthy food during pregnancy

    I am worried of what to eat or not to eat when I get pregnant with my second child. I'd really love to have a healthy pregnancy. I know it would start with my eating habits. I am overweight now, I wonder what I should or should not eat so I can have a healthy baby. Please help me.

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    It is very important to eat good food during pregnancy. Add whole grains, eggs, beans, salmon, berries and low fat yogurt. Check this link for the benefits of eating those foods

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    In Pregnancy, there is need of lots of care.
    Fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh juice, egg, fish, Red berry, black carrot don't forget to have nuts.
    Eat after every 1 - 1/2 hour. Go for walk it is very healthy.
    And also you have to take calcium which is very essential for your health. Take milk, it contain calcium.
    The best food advised is Dates as it contains every thing you want. Wash Dates and boil them in milk for 10 Min's, best recommend food by Doctors.

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