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    Baby Names Beginning With the Letter C

    Hello there! I really enjoy reading on this forum. I am learning a lot!

    I am scheduled for a Gender Determination Ultrasound next month. I am on the 23rd week of my pregnancy so I guess it's just a right time. I am thinking of naming my baby Callie if she's a girl and Caden if he's a boy. I thinks it's pretty cute! However, I would love to hear any suggestions from you guys. Please give me a name starting with the letter C.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Liza

    I have two girls, one of whom is named Charlie - not Charlotte just Charlie. I love it. You know how some people really look like their name and others don't? My daughter's name suits her so well. She really looks like a Charlie.

    In my profile photo my older daughter Finlay (6 then now 8) is holding Charlie (4 weeks then now 2 years).

    I love the name Callie and I actually have a close friend whose son is called Kayden (different spelling to yours but still)

    I have to ask though, why do you particularly want a C name. I was really keen to have the same middle initials for my daughters so one has the middle names Genevieve Ewart and the other has Georgina Ewart. (Ewart is a family named passed down and is my third name too).

    I love Cadence and also love Chellsea!
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    Thank you Mumof2IVFmiracles! Cadence is such a pretty name! I'll consider that also. I just think that it will be pretty cool that my bub will have the same first letter on his/her first name, middle name and last name.

    Initials would be triple C!

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    Hi Liz - When I had my last baby I had Cody for a boy on the list. I ended up having a girl after two boys.
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    This is fun! I like Caitlin for a girl.

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