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    Most Important Thing You Learned During Pregnancy

    What has been the most important thing for you during your pregnancy? For example, I hear people will play classical music during their pregnancy. What kind of things have you done, to ensure a healthier baby at birth? I want to make sure my child has great benefits at birth, and I truly believe playing classical music while your child's in the womb can create great results.

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    I would have to say that the most important thing I learnt during pregnancy was to trust my body and my baby. In birth, this meant that I could deeply relax, breathing through the contractions, allowing the contractions to efficiently and smoothly bring my baby to me.

    By far the majority of women will be able to have a normal, natural birth. For all these women, it is when we start interfering with the normal birthing process that we introduce fear into the labour and this is when things are more likely to slow down and become more painful and lead to medical interventions.

    I wrote this letter to my pregnant pre-child self about birth which I hope you will find useful.

    In terms of music played to your baby in pregnancy, this research shows some interesting findings. The research explains that babies can remember music that was played to them in the womb up to 12 months after they are born. How incredible! The studies indicate that baby's who do listen to, and so remember, this music can have increased brain development skills. However, the research shows that it doesn't matter what type of music this is - classical, rock, pop, folk name it!

    In terms of your baby's health one of the best things you can do for your baby is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. You can start doing this now as part of your pre-conception care. There are some interesting articles here on what to eat in pregnancy.

    With warm wishes,
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