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    Nausea During Pregnancy

    I'd like a better understanding of the nausea involved with pregnancy. I've experienced nausea numerous times this year, and the feeling is very uncomfortable. It scares me out of wanting a child, if I have to endure this type of nausea for a year. Can you tell me your experience with nausea and what's been the most uncomfortable and hurtful things you've experienced during pregnancy. Is it severe nausea, can you get relief from it, and do you experience this on a daily basis?

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    Thank you for your post.

    For most pregnant ladies, morning sickness only occurs in the first trimester (the first 12 weeks of pregnancy). Despite its name, it can occur at any time of day. Not all pregnant women experience morning sickness, and for most it is short-lived. Some women only feel sick and others vomit as well.

    There are things you can do to try and help with morning sickness. Eating something before you get out of bed in the morning can help. This is because it helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. Cheese is a particularly good snack for helping with blood sugar levels. Ginger products can also help to relieve morning sickness. Acupressure bands can also help.

    Often, resting more and taking life slower for a number of months can help too.

    Please do post back if you have any more questions on this.
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