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    Oversupply Issues

    Who has dealt with an oversupply issue? I know a mom right now who was originally told that her baby was allergic to something in her diet, only later to discover that the baby's colicky behavior and watery bowel movements were actually linked to an overactive supply and aggressive let down.

    Like a lot of women who struggle with supply, my issues have always been related to low supply, so I don't have a lot of advice to give this mom. For those of you who have dealt with this condition, what did you do to minimize the problem?

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    I did have some issues with oversupply at one point. The main problem was forceful let down. I sat reclined, so the baby would have to breastfeed in an uphill position. I also suggest not expressing milk at all, unless she becomes very full and needs to express a small amount to relieve being uncomfortable. She can express a small amount by hand right before feeding the baby to avoid the baby getting too much milk at once, if she also has a forceful let down. Cool compresses in between each feeding can help, as well.

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